2017 Frame Arrival and Assembly

The frame has arrived and is being welded together! It was first treated with Acetone in preparation for the welding process which began during shop hours on Friday and will continue through this week. Check out the full image gallery  at http://imgur.com/gallery/18H4w for detailed documentation on how it’s done!                                                                                                      Photography by Zach Putzig


The CAD model of the final frame design is sent to a company that manufactures all the tubing to exact specification. The individual tubes are shipped in a box to be welded together.


The frame is welded together using the support of a custom jig which keeps all of the parts fixed in place.


Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding is a form of welding that allows for greater control over the temperatures put into the work piece. This process can yield higher quality welds but requires a skilled hand.