We have made it to Lincoln, NE!!!! It will always be a drive from Sacramento, CA to Lincoln, Ne. We pulled into our hotel at 1115pm on Tuesday night. We pulled the car out to give it a once over before technical inspection. So far so good.

Wednesday will consist of registering the team, driver gear inspection and mechanical inspection. We may have stuff to change on the car, but it should not be to much. Once we pass the mechanical inspection we will be cleared to start all the dynamic tech events. This will take place on Thursday, along with our Business, Cost and Design presentations.

2 Days till we leave for Lincoln, NE

We are extremely excited to get on the road for competition. Everyone has been working hard on the car. The team has been lucky enough to test the car everyday this week. Evil Genius Racing let us come in and use their Dyno for a day. All that data will be put to good use over the next week and the up coming years.

I am also pleased to announce that we have partnered with Sonoma Raceway to help sell discounted tickets to the upcoming NASCAR, WTCC and Indy events. Visit to purchase your tickets now! For each ticket that is sold, Sonoma Raceway will donate either $10 or $5 to the team. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Sponsorship Sales Manager Dave Piecuch at office (707) 933-3442 cell (707) 334-9808 Fax (707) 938-8691 or email at

Keep checking back! More updates to come when we leave and are on the road.

Official Dyno Day

Official Dyno Day

Night testing

Night testing

FSAE Hornet Sonoma Raceway






Everyone is on a high after the unveiling party. We are very lucky to have the car done to get a ton of testing done. There have been some challenges that we have encountered though, they will be fixed in time for competition. The count down is getting close! 1 week from today we will be on the road to Lincoln, Ne.

Unveiling Success

unveil post
A very big Thank You to everyone that came to the unveiling event today! It was a huge success and we look forward to doing more events like this in the future. It was an incredible feeling for the team to be able to show the car off to our family members, advisers and sponsors. I attached some quick photos from the event, more will come later. It is very exciting to know that there are three cars in our garage right now. None of this would have been possible without everyone’s support. This is just as much your car as it is the teams. We are very excited to be posting more pictures now.

After today we will be running the car as much as possible in order to get ready for competition. We will be leaving June 17th! That is soooo close